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My Story 

Dylan was raised in Cherry Hill, NJ. He began developing a striking interest in chemistry, as well as its applications in biochemical processes, due to its innate role in the medical field and translational research. Dylan joined the Moura-Letts laboratory during his sophomore year with the principal aim of learning as much as possible by exploring novel reaction pathway development for pharmacologically relevant molecular scaffolds bearing unique bioactive properties. Given his proclivity for research, Dylan is finalizing his application for research-intensive medical schools, where he plans to continue fostering his passion for research while pursuing an M.D. degree. Outside of the lab, Dylan has worn many hats in diverse roles throughout his time as an undergraduate at Rowan University; however, as a recent alumnus, aside from working in clinical roles, he has been spending his free time cooking, going to the gym, and snowboarding, among other outdoor-based activities. 

Fun Facts:

  • Dylan was a competitive Olympic Recurve archer for years and competed on a national scale prior to college. 

  • As a self-proclaimed “coffee connoisseur” and “foodie,” Dylan spends a fair amount of his time experimenting with coffee brewing techniques, cooking, and the like. 

  • As a pre-med student entering college, Dylan was most concerned about taking organic chemistry, yet it ended up being one of his favorite courses and invariably fostered his drive for research. 


Feel free to reach out to me about the lab!

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