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My Story 

Amari was born and raised in a small southern New Jersey town. Currently, she is a senior, biochemistry major. She joined the GML group shortly after she transferred from Salem Community College and that is where she found her love for organic chemistry! Originally she planned to attend medical school however after taking organic chemistry courses and being so involved in the lab she decided that a PhD was the route for her. In the lab she enjoys working on developing new novel chemical pathways to develop drug scaffolding using dipolar additions. Amari will be applying to PhD programs in Fall of 2024 and she is super excited! Outside of the lab, Amari is a huge reader, and loves to express herself creatively by baking and hand knitting.

Fun Facts: 

  • Amari was a competitive cheerleader for almost 10 years in her hometown

  • She played the flute for 5 years in elementary and middle school

  • She went to high school at a vocational school and wanted to pursue a career in childcare. She worked at multiple daycares while in high school and in community college


Please contact if you have any questions regarding the lab!

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