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My Story

Jenna was raised in Williamstown, NJ. Her interest in chemistry began in high school when she worked with cosmetics daily and became fascinated by the chemistry involved in formulating them. Because of this interest, Jenna decided to go to Rowan University to pursue a B.S. in biochemistry. She joined the Moura-Letts laboratory at the end of her second year, following both organic chemistry classes. Since joining the research lab, she has worked on a variety of organic synthesis projects, with a main focus on transition metal catalysis. Jenna is currently working towards a Master’s in pharmaceutical sciences and is planning to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry following the completion of her M.S. Outside of research, Jenna loves to read, watch movies and tennis, and discover new music. 

Fun Facts:

  • Jenna attended a technical school for high school, where she received her New Jersey cosmetology license.

  • Reading is a huge interest of hers and she reads about 25 books a year. Her favorite genres are mystery and historical fiction.

  • Jenna’s favorite video game is Stardew Valley! :)


Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the lab!

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