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My Story

Erin is a second year M.S. student in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She was raised in Williamstown, NJ where she developed a fascination with science from a young age. She joined the Moura-Letts Lab as a junior undergraduate student studying Biochemistry to expand her knowledge of the organic synthesis of biologically relevant molecules. As a M.S. student, she has transitioned to working on our metallooxaziridine catalysis projects and has become interested in organic methodology. After completion of her M.S. degree, she will be pursuing her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. Outside of the lab, she spends her time playing piano, crocheting, journaling, watching tennis, and taking care of her jungle of houseplants.

Fun Facts:

  •  Erin started her undergraduate as a biological sciences major and worked in a microbial genetics lab. Her passion for organic chemistry stemmed from working in an organic synthesis lab!

  • Erin has three cats :)


Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the lab!

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