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    Rowan University

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

               Science Building 301F

     201 Mullica Hill Rd. Glassboro, NJ     

Welcome to the Moura-Letts Group Website
Research Highlights
Group News
 At the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Rowan University, we are focused on identifying small molecules and therapeutic molecular scaffolds to address novel biological targets. Central to these efforts is the development of novel organic transformations to access these molecular targets. We also pursue multidisciplinary collaborations to assess the pharmacological profiles of these molecules, with the long-term goal of probing key biological processes and exploring new therapeutic opportunities. We believe these efforts can be accomplished at the undergraduate level, and we have a highly competitive and well-trained group of students working on these projects. We welcome highly determined and focused students interested in doing research in organic chemistry to contact us.     
GML received National Science Foundation CAREER Award for 525K for 5 years.
Congratulations to Alyson Paneque, Lauren Tumbelty, Graham Haun and Ross Dare for receiving great organic PhD graduate school offers
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